LANQ Icy Elite Thermoelectric Laptop Cooler

Powerful Cooling with Thermoelectric Tech, "Air Conditioner" Designed for the Laptop

Untra-Fast Cooling | Real-time Temperature Monitoring | Full Aluminum Alloy Body | RGB Lighting

Double the cooling with dual tech, Cools in seconds

Enjoy an impressive level of cooling with strong fan and latest semiconductor thermoelectric module

Rapid Cooling within Seconds

The temperature of your laptop body determines the performance of your laptop. When it gets hot, can cause a series of problems like lag, unstable system, slower charging and shorten the battery life. The LANQ thermoelectric cooler can directly contact to the heat source surface of your laptop, freezing and cooling the laptop within a few seconds and make it run smooth and stable.

Thermoelectric Tech Inside

LANQ Icy Elite Thermoelectric Cooler utilize thermoelectric cooling tech. It is like a solid-state active heat pump which transfers heat from one side of the device to the other uses the Peltier effect, with consumption of electrical energy. Its principle is similar to the refrigerator or air conditioner. Compare to laptop's built-in heatsink or conventional laptop cooler, our cooler's heat dissipation speed can be increased by up to 10 times.

Silicone Cooler Pad Alloy Cooler Frame Integrated Alloy Shell Heatsink Alloy Cooler Plate Temperature Monitoring Unit Active Cooling Chip Silent Fan

Whisper-Quiet Powerful Turbo Fan

The elaborately designed turbo fan is equipped with suspended brushless direct current motor and 29 blade fan that can rotate at speeds up to 2500rpm, super fast but ultra quiet, delivers massive airflow to blow the heat away from heatsink. The low noise fan also let you freely do voice chat, live stream without noticing the fan exist.

Detachable design, easy to store & carry

LANQ Icy Elite Thermoelectric Cooler is both a laptop cooler and a It is foldable stand. After the cooler is detached, the stand is folded. It only weight n? grams and size of a small bottle of water. Easily put into your laptop bag or backpack and carry around.

Temperature Monitoring Unit

Our intelligent temperature control automatically manages fan speed and thermoelectric efficiency on-the-fly. Protect your computer from overcooling or overheating, always provides the best suitable temperature for your laptop to perform well.

Temperature control chip